• Rosie Vohra

    With a practice that features painting, collage, drawing, sculpture, murals, metalwork and ceramic, Rosie Vohra is a prodigious talent.  

    Her works demonstrate both her supreme technical ability and willingness to experiment.  Works often pull in a broad range of influences, including ideas of metamorphosis, craft and identity – all bound together in swathes of colour and mark.

    However, where everything always starts for Rosie is in drawing. 

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  • Working on these postcard size drawings has become a constant within my practice, I love the intimacy of spending time with these small works and each represents a specific feeling or idea that I am experiencing or hoping for.

    The postcard becomes a vehicle for a thought, a message or a reminder. I think it may come from visiting museums and galleries and buying a postcard to remind me of an object, a painting or a real need to get back to the studio and make. They represent time and a collection of ideas, like a sketchbook.

  • Postcards are also sent to people, they literally travel as a way of communicating but you are limited in what you can say because of space. I find this limitation very freeing, the edges of these works become a place for me to play with animals, figures, colour, situations- they become characters and windows into humour, hard work, the grotesque, love, sadness and hope.

    Drawing is integral to my practice, it is the foundation of everything that I do. I see it as a way of thinking with material – it's a process that directly links my mind to hand and because of this, it has become a way for me to experience, remember and understand life, both internally and externally.